Wired Magazine – Why the Next Nifty Gadget Matters

The hottest new phone, tablet, social network or nifty-cool-whatchamacallit seems to be the fascination of some while others could care less. Knowing about the new tech toy means more than just a geeky obsession, this seemingly trivial knowledge actually has many potential benefits for public relations professionals and students a like. Wired Magazine’s Gadget Lab blog is constantly debuting the latest and greatest in consumer electronics and their applications.

Essentially, new gadgets and internet applications means new ways to consume, create, and distribute media. Buyers and users create and expand markets that are most likely relevant to public relations professionals. Up and coming PR students should pay attention to these technological developments because they provide ways for readers, listeners, and consumers to interact with your content. This knowledge would also be relevant to how one savvy professional would distribute their content.

Wired does a great job of presenting these often overcomplicated gadget statistics in a way that one could easily understand its uses and applications. There is a lot to choose from and you even get sneak peeks to what is soon to be found on the market. Another great feature is the expert bloggers‘ opinions of whether or not a particular gadget will be hot or be a flop. Professionals that cater their content distribution to particular users are more likely to be exposed to a wider variety of niche audiences.

Sometimes the techy jargon is a little daunting, but overall, the Gadget Lab is a great read. I also recommend Wired Magazine because it is a Condé Nast publication. Condé Nast is arguably the most successful publisher in the magazine industry. They are known for their fashion and lifestyle publications like Vogue and GQ, but their tech magazine, Wired of course, is equally superb.


2 thoughts on “Wired Magazine – Why the Next Nifty Gadget Matters

  1. This is awesome! I love learning about new technology. I will definitely have to check out Wired’s blog. I had no idea the company had a blog. Now I know to check out their stuff. I also didn’t know Wired was a part of such a successful publishing group. Thanks for the information, Daniel!

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