Infographic – The Internet Now vs. 1996

This infographic was found at Ragan’s PR Daily’s website. In case you have not notice, the internet has changed alot since it’s inception and this infographic is a great creative representation of of this drastic change.



2 thoughts on “Infographic – The Internet Now vs. 1996

  1. This is always an interesting topic of research to me. I think it is awesome to see how far technology has come. I feel it is growing right along with the people it is affecting. With time, the internet has not only become more popular but more sophisticated, meeting the many needs of the casual browser and the engaging researcher. We have become such a fast-paced society that the difference in “Average Page Load Time” has become crucial to keeping our attention. Our slowly decaying attention span and the “right here right now” mentality has spread like wildfire. This begs the question, “Is today’s internet a cause or an effect of our societal mental trends?”

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