Incredible Stories, and Credible Sources.

Recently I was given an assignment for my English Comp. II class to determine the validity of two online articles as scholarly sources. Although journalism is often not as strict as academics, it is always necessary to check your sources. The URL’s to the two articles are below, you might want to look at them in order to understand my critique.



The following is from my analysis paper:

Blast vs. Oreskes – How to Decide

Global warm is a highly controversial and debated topic. This topic does not only have ramifications for the proposed health of the earth but it also has bearing on politics, quality and convenience of life, the advancement of technology, as well as the economy. There are countless voices that speak to the issue but a great divide still remains on either side of the issue. How is one to decide?

Joseph Blast, creator of The Heartland Institute, wrote on his own blog about this heated topic. He insists, as noted by his provocative title, that global warming is a scam. He referenced several scientific agencies, studies, and opinions. He seems quite steadfast in his belief and unwilling to budge. His article, although clear and easy to read, comes of like a rant with a crystal clear agenda.

Naomi Oreskes, author of The Scientific Consensus on Climate Change, writes a quite scholarly article publish in an elite scientific journal. She write referencing solid research, as far as I know, and has passed the rigorous vetting process required to be published. Her tone is calm and humble in spite of her high academic scholarship. She even makes provision that she may be wrong in light of future research.

Regardless of my persuasion on the issue Ms. Oreskes seems to be a significantly more credible source, and I feel her writing carries more weight in the scientific community.



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