Seeing PR

So many things were made possible with the advent of the home television. I opened up countless opportunities for entertainment, information, culture and much more. However I think the effect that the advent of the television profoundly effected the fields of advertising in conjunction with public relations.

So it’s the early 1920’s and this revolutionary new technology has been invented. People are still trying to take advantage of all of the potential uses. The television has opened up a whole new medium for the world of advertising. This means PR professionals have a whole new weapon to ad to their PR arsenal. In conjunction with more traditional personal ways to build corporate and consumer relations, the television provide a whole new way make that initial contact and first impression. Since public relations is all about perception, what better war to offer consumers a chance to perceive you for the first time from the comfort of their own homes. The television not only advanced opportunities for PR with products but also largely in politics. For the for the first time almost anyone would have opportunity to “attend” debates and speeches and get to “know” the leaders of their country. A large part of PR is sending messages. I believe that only the modern advent of the internet rivals the ability of television to communicate messages.

This would have been such an exciting time to be a public relations professional. Although this time marks the advent of so many new technologies and would have been exciting no matter your profession, I think it is no too dissimilar from our own. Technology seems advancing at an uncanny pace and I think the buzz that accompanies this age of innovation is only  a product of what began this many years ago in the 20’s.


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