Catalyst East 2011

RT @hillarydemeo: Headed to #CAT11 with the best stinkin team @seuniversity @SEUsblc!! So excited to watch God move in all of our lives
October 4, 2011
@SEUsblc has arrived #CAT11
October 6, 2011
watching hillsong nyc catalyst conference. Judah Smith preaching on God’s glory
October 8, 2011
“Don’t be fair. Be engaged.” ~ Andy Stanley #leadership
October 8, 2011
It’s funny how the speaker always talks about what you need to hear. #andystanley #fire #Cat11
October 7, 2011
Just experienced the “Fastest Reading of the Bible” at Catalyst 2011. ~13,000 people read the entire Bible in 60 sec. #cat11
October 7, 2011
RT @CatalystLeader: “Since when is Jesus not enough?” -@judahsmith #CAT11
October 8, 2011
Interviewing @PriscillaShirer on Backstage! (Broadcasting live at
October 10, 2011
Shared Items:: Catalyst 2011 Final Message with Andy Stanley
October 8, 2011
Joel Houston & Hillsong @ Catalyst. Great job leading. “Search My Heart” “Like an Avalanche” Then Judah Smith. #CAT11
October 7, 2011
Found my new workout program, Godz Bodz by Trip and Tyler #Cat11
October 6, 2011
Photo: Joel Houston and Hillsong United leading worship at Catalyst! Amazing. (Taken with instagram)
October 8, 2011
RT @KenColeman: BIG NEWS: 1800+ leaders at @catalystleader conference texted “ADOPT” to 40491 for a free Orphan Sunday Kit! Text now! #CAT11
October 10, 2011
Such a great time at #Cat11 with awesome @seuniversity friends and cabining with @SEUsblc #greatweek #bepresent
October 9, 2011


9 thoughts on “Catalyst East 2011

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  2. It looks like you all had a wonderful time! The guest speakers were a great group! I want to hear more about the trip! Wish I could have gone!

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  4. I loved this post! Catalyst was such an amazing experience. Watching this video made me recap all of the amazing speakers and everything they had to say. I loved your use of pictures in your post, it made me want to keep reading. It also helped the people imagine what it was like.
    Great post, write on.

  5. Daniel, I really enjoyed your collection of Tweets, YouTube videos, and Flickr photos. Although I used Cover it Live for my liveblog assignment, I wish I could have went to an event in which Storify would have been more helpful to my audience. Using Storify for a women’s volleyball game wouldn’t have worked as well. You posted some great pictures from Catalyst, which really helped me get a feel for what happened during the conference. I also thought the fact that 13,000 read the entire Bible in 30 seconds was pretty cool. Good job on this assignment.

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