So… what am I NOT seeing?

I think Eli Pariser has a really good point. I have been aware that Facebook, Google, and other sites have been doing this. As an admirer of of advertising and advertising strategy, I was even somewhat in favor of consumer customized AD placement. I even liked that they “suggest” things that I like. However, I have not given much thought to what I may be missing. I think that customizing Ads is one thing, but when this strategy begins to effect the content I am seeking… I think there might be something wrong. Who knew there is a bad side of customization?

These “filter bubbles” really have the potential to shelter us from meaningful content all in the name of “customization.” I really appreciated the analogy comparing all the content you like to junk food versus substantial informative content to vegetables. The tension between what you want as opposed to what you think can’t get much clearer. I wonder if anyone else realizes this?

I’m glad that there are people who are a little more observant that me to catch these things. I don’t think that customization should be done away with, but I do think internet companies should have some standard for providing responsible substantial content


3 thoughts on “So… what am I NOT seeing?

  1. Interesting thoughts. In my Intro to Mass Comm class we talked about this customization of ads on sites such as hulu. I think this is a pro/con concept. You can choose the things you want to see and use the time that is reserved for advertising to your benefit. Although, this can create an underexposure to things you are not as knowledgeable about. Isn’t the point of an advertisment (for the most part) to expose people who do not know about a product to it and lure them in? If we are constantly choosing something that we already know we like, what is the point of advertising?

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  3. Alright, I can see what you’re saying about “customization” and how that can certainly be a positive, but I don’t think the customization should be to the point of creating these very contained “filter bubbles.” Moderation.

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