From Typewriter to Keyboard

Writing for digital media has changed digital how journalist approach writing all together. The test it self has to not compete with all of the other media that is begging for your attention on the web. Because of this competition your writing must be interactive, fast paced and substantial. Here are 10 tips to help you do that…

1. Your topic must be relevant.

No matter if it’s your company blog, content for a web page, product descriptions etc. Your content must be essential, relevant ant too the point. People on the web are looking for information. There is nothing wrong with being creative, but unnecessary rabbling is a sure way loose your audiences attention.

2. Use action words.

Try not to use passive voice. Every page should flow with consistent movement.

3. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short.

Doing this will help you get right to the essential information. Plus the less time you content take s to read, the more inclined your readers will be to stay and engage your content.

4. When you can, use lists, instead of paragraphs.

Information is a lot easier and quicker to absorb in list form.

5. Use heading and sub headings

This organizes the information and makes it easier to find exactly what they are looking for.

6. Make your links part of the copy.

Links also assist with scanning pages because they stand out from copy

7. Keyword Optimize for search engines

“Make sure to place the site target keyword phrases on each page along with your page target keyword phrases. Keep it human readable and avoid repeating keyword phrases more than three times throughout the page.”

8. Lead with the conclusion

“I advise that you begin each post by starting with the conclusion, a take-away or benefits statement. Just answer this question, ‘what is my benefit if I commit to read this post?’”

9. Make your post visually pleasing.

“I always include a nice photo or graphic to further drive home the main purpose of a post. Using them will create interest and help draw in a reader.”

10. Use common language.

This is an opportunity to do away with industry jargon and agency speak and write content that resonates with your intended audience.


2 thoughts on “From Typewriter to Keyboard

  1. These are really good tips on writing for digital over analog. I like how you said to make things interactive. I definitely think that digital writing is more interactive than analog. You can be more yourself when writing for digital over analog. There is much more room to put your own personality into your writing.
    One good tip that I had forgotten to include was to put your conclusion in the beginning, because that is what people tend to read then kind of skim the rest.
    Good stuff Daniel!

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