Guest Blogger: Elizabeth Telg

I love this post. As an upperclassmen in college, sometimes I feel so frustrated about my age and where I am in life nd what I am “stuck” doing and most of all, how I want to bypass it all. This post is great practical advice for those who’re ailing like me.

Why grow up so fast? If you are in your twenties, or are closely approaching, this article is for you. Your quarter life crisis if for those in your early twenties who are feeling the pressure of being an adult when it is still painful to peel your N’SYNC stickers off your notebooks and paint over the I ❤ Taylor Hanson doodles in your closet(maybe that was just me). Whatever stage you are at in the quarter-life crisis, take this advice found on Hello Giggles blog to heart.

1. Go out on a weeknight when you have to be up early the next morning. Being young is about being responsible. Go crazy. Go out with you friends. When you do this, you will not be on Facebook or watching re-runs of the Office wallowing in self-pity. Feeling irresponsible and naive will take away the fear of growing up, if only for a night.

2. Make an emergency shopping trip to buy 5” heels. Buying a pair of hot heels will make you feel a few years younger, and who doesn’t love buying a new pair of stilettos?

3. Don’t have matching furniture. “Nice furniture says, “I’m sensible. I plan on staying here a while. I know how to take care of my expensive personal belongings. I have a savings account.” Read: Adult. Weird colored arm chairs and couches with mysterious stains on the undersides of the cushions say, “I could leave at any moment to go work on a fig orchard in Turkey and just leave this crap behind. I didn’t want to invest in a new couch because I’ve given out way too many copies of my keys and can’t remember who might come to crash on it. I’d rather spend the money on shoes (see number two).” None of that sounds wise or responsible to me.”

4. Get a quirky, useless pet. I want to get a hedgehog and name him Sir Spikey Pants, but I can’t get myself to do it yet. Maybe once I graduate I will be able to get one since I won’t be under the rules of my university. Having a hedgehog is anything but practical, and that will make me feel so young and alive!

5. Take ironic day trips. I am an adventurer. I will always be up for a random day trip. I encourage this not only for those suffering through their quarter-life crisis, but anyone wanting some escape from their daily life. If you feel trapped, alone, bored, lazy, or just want to have a great day… Go on a day trip to the Dinosaur theme-park down the road or the al paca farm a few hours away. I mean… Why not?


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