Storify. My New Best Friend.

Let me just get out there and say it…. I love Storify!

Storify is the most effective tool I’ve ever seen for live blogging. Live blogging is a service  that really bring the excitement of a live event to your online social universe. what makes Storify so unique is that fact that it plus content from so many different source. Facebook status updates, tweets, twit pics, photos from Flickr, Blog’s on WordPress, and Youtube videos can all be a part of your Storify post. It really tells a beautiful story from so many different perspectives. The beauty is that you don’t have to generate all of the content yourself, and it not doing so, you are able to tell a more comprehensive story.

They also make it really easy  to post it to your Tumblr, WordPress, or Blogger blog. Check out my previous Storify post.


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