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So as you may know… or may not know, Justin Bieber has been implicated in a paternity suit by a woman named Mariah Yeater. I don’t know if she’s just lying for the money or just insane but I don’t think these accusations about Biebs are true. But I want to draw you attention to is the following video interview and the role that public relations plays here. The interview begins by discussing Justin’s newly released christmas album. Part of this discussion is about the charities that the precedes would go to. Then they move on to the paternity allegations, that Bieber of course denies, however they only stay here briefly then return to the good he is going to be able to do through this christmas album. So although they did bing up the controversial topic briefly, it was sandwiched between other very warm hearted positive publicity about the person in question. In this, I think the overall take away from the inter view would be the positive aspects of Justin Bieber’s philanthropy and having little to do with the paternity suit. Take a  look:


2 thoughts on “Bieber PR

  1. Daniel, I like how you keep things real, and how you talk about things that people can actually relate to and enjoy. Sometimes people can get caught up in trying to impress others by trying too hard, but you go what we’re looking for. I enjoy reading your posts and look forward to you helping me stay on top of things.

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