Noah’s Ark – Making a Difference… Differently

Noah’s Ark. An organization “committed to empowering individuals who have developmental disabilities by advocating on their behalf and by providing or facilitating choices of meaningful employment, recreational and social opportunities and affordable housing in an inclusive community of their choice.” This mission, and a personal dream of its founder, Jack Kosik are at the core of this organization. Jack and his family have been blessed with a beautiful, thriving daughter who happens to have special needs. As they came to know this, they begin to realize that the options available for their baby girl as she would enter adulthood were almost frightening. As Jack and his wife began to search for alternatives it was quickly apparent that there were no options in the central Florida area that provided the kind of holistic care that they desired for their daughter. At this point Jack and his wife were experiencing the horrible reality that they were actually afraid to die because of what their child would most likely have to endure in their absence. Out of this desperation, Noah Ark was born. Noah’s Ark is a beautiful community in which special needs individuals have holistic supportive care that empowers and encourages the independence and success of each person to best of their ability. Noah’s Ark is warm and homey. It does not feel like hospital or mental institution. It’s residents are happy, helpful and friendly.

On our class tour of the facility I think we were all pleasantly surprised by the just how high the standard of living was. Each room was clean and organized. The residents were friendly and welcoming. Noah’s Nest is nothing short of what you would expect from a wonderful home. On the property, tucked away in a nearby residential neighborhood, lies four beautiful buildings, a basketball court, and a gazebo. The residents take pride in their beautiful surroundings.

“All of the homes at Noah’s Nest have four bedrooms and four bathrooms so
that each of our residents have their own private bathroom.  Three residents
live in each home and the “extra” bedroom may be used as a multi-purpose
room, or for guest to spend the night, or for a caregiver should one of our
residents require overnight support staff.
Each home is designed to be handicapped-friendly with an array of features
including roll-in showers that make day-to-day living a bit easier for individuals
who may need to use a wheelchair to assist with mobility.”

As great as Noah’s Ark is, it is only the beginning of an incredible vision that Jack Kosik has for an inclusive, gated community that will include families as well as residents with disabilities called Noah’s Landing. He describes it as being like the nostalgic amiable community of Mayberry portrayed in The Andy Griffith Show. Many strides have been taken to make that dream a reality, but until then, Noah’s Ark continues to serve its residents exceptionally.


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