And I’m an Internet Socialite

Being the techy and internet junkie that I am, I naturally gravitate to social media and all it has to offer. I also would definitely consider myself and early adopter. But I would also consider myself a moderate to avid user. It’s actually kind of funny; I often find out about new social media outlets from the ones I am already using and apart of… and the cycle repeats.

There are several social media services that I am apart of and find useful. My favorite at the moment has to be Twitter. I don’t suppose this is a shock to anyone considering that Twitter is one of the fastest growing internet services available. Even though I love it there are certain highlights and low points that I must bring to your attention. I think Twitter is absolutely invaluable for promotions of groups, products and services. Any modern business that has any hopes of expanding it’s brand loyalty, or creating a vibrant online community MUST use Twitter. I honestly can’t think of any other online service, even the ones that cost thousands of dollars a year, that can match the effectiveness of Twitter. What I don’t Like is when people use it as their personal micro diaries and document every waking action and thought. I think most of you can agree.

Being that I find Twitter to be such a great networking tool, that what I use it most for. Sure I do post personal anecdotes, photos, and happening, but not nearly as much as I retweet and interact with organizations, businesses and causes. Most of my personal social networking happens on good ole Facebook. Facebook is definitely where I go when it comes to catching up with old friends, arranging parties and get-togethers, and posting photos. In a way Facebook seems more intimate. Weird, I know.

And then there’s MySpace….That was funny let’s move on.

As for Google+… I have one, but I have to be honest I have not done much with it, but I have a feeling that might change soon at the rate it is growing. I do like how integrated it is into the rest of the web and makes the entire internet feel a little more social.

There are other I dabble in like Pintrest, Tumblr, Foursquare (which I think is another great promotion tool), StumbleUpon, Youtube (which goes without saying), and more!

But enough about me, which social network services to you like to “waste” time on?

Your input is welcome in the comment section below.


3 thoughts on “And I’m an Internet Socialite

  1. Until I wrote my post about social media, I didn’t realize how much social media takes up my life! Now that Pinterest is on the forecast my social life has been shrinking and my social media life has been growing! I am glad to share a love for social media with you. You make me feel sane.

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