Comments. The Cold Hard Truth.

Let’s all be honest, the whole point of using the internet, besides Googleing, is to have interaction. Whether it’s followers, likes, friends, or having full circles we want to be engaged over online. Hopefully this is not replacing real life interaction, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

When it comes to blogs comments are proof that you are not rambling on to a vast dark audience of zeros and ones. Comments let you know that people care. Not just care, but care enough to respond with their personal Ideas about what you have shared. A blog without comments is like a president without a country, a singer without and audience, or a professor without students.

Comments can range from kind and heartwarming to deep and thought provoking or even rude and hurtful. But either way… YOU GOT NOTICED! Lets try and stay away from the rude and hurtful contributions though.

Comments provide the valuable opportunity to have an exchange of ideas. These exchanges can lead to meaningful conversation that can effect thought. But nothing happens if you don’t speak up.

Also, It is good internet etiquette to respond to those who found you interesting enough to interact with. If someone comments on one of your posts, it is always appreciated to leave a reply comment or even interact with the on their blog pages.

So do some good and comment!

Remember to pay it forward, and make the internet a better place.


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