AP Style, or is it Ap style, or maybe AP STYLE idk.

I think that is any public relations or journalism major can get a firm grasp of this they have accomplish a significant milestone. Until I get there the AP Style book will be a my side when writing.

I honestly did not realize how many rules the were to consider. I also was surprised by how much AP Style differs from some the traditional grammar rules that engraved in your brain by you elementary school english teachers. You almost have to “unlearn” those rules in order to embrace the new ones.

But after a couple hours of frustration trying to wrap my head around the concept I have really come to appreciate it purpose. The chief function of  AP Style is to make reading newspapers, press releases, magazines, and other publications as efficient and direct as possible. It also allows the reader to glean the most pertinent informations ate quickly as possible.

Most of the rules of AP Style have been brought about through the process of printing traditional newspapers. Because of ever rising printing cost and such a vast away of publications be produced their came a need for some uniformity and continuity that also made printing as cost effective as possible.

AP Style is also designed to protect brand names, uniform the formatting of dates, times, military and political titles and even religious positions.

Although I have come to appreciate it, one of the most daunting aspects of AP Style to me is the use of abbreviations and punctuation as they relate to addresses, dates, and time. I think this because they are so commonly use


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