Blog Scraping. Just Don’t.

Everyone loves to be quoted, referenced, and commented on, but no one liked being plagiarized, copied, or overlooked. Blog scraping definitely falls into the un-liked category.

Blog scraping is when one online publication completely or partially copies any certain article or work and the posts it on their own blog. Similarly to academic plagiarism, blog scraping is completely unethical and highly offensive. To use someone else’s words or ideas as your own, neglecting to give them proper credit, is wrong and illegal.

If there was a situation in which a post from my clients blog had been scraped or lifted I think I know what methods I would take to resolve the situation.

I would immediately contact the blogger or the company they represent and inform them that they are using original content and have neglected to source their information and supply the proper credit. I would politely, but firmly, ask them to provide the proper credit or remove the post from their blog immediately. After giving the sufficient time to complete this, if they would still refuse I would contact my companies legal department or a lawyer we would use on retainer. From here, this could end in several ways. One of which being that a lawsuit may be filled and damages paid. But sometimes all it takes is to threaten legal action to get people to comply with your commands. Or, the case might go to court and to avoid the costs of a trial the opposing council might advise the defendants to settle out of court.

I of course hope that is would not come to taking such action but I believe that protection the intellectual property of any entity is important to their success.


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