New Inspiration

Ever here someone speak or see their product or observe what they do that is resonates with you so much that you kind of say to yourself “I want to be just like you?” Well maybe that’s a little much but that’s just how I felt when I listened to three of the best speakers at the 2012 Southeastern University National Leadership Forum.

The first for me was Nancy Duarte, CEO and creative genius behind Duarte Design Inc. Nancy and Duarte Design have had to opportunity to work with some of the worlds most prominant brands to create stunning visual presentations used for product launches, social media campaigns, and more. Her commitment to excellence in everything, especially design, was truly refreshing. Her presentation was about delivering messages that will resonate with your audience using beautiful compelling visuals, and engaging story. She also presented what I think is a brilliant discovery. She said that every great speech follows the pattern of repeatedly present icing “what is” in contrast with “what could be” and in this the audience can truly appreciate the greatness of what you are “selling” and the “new bliss” your product or company or skill will create in their lives.

On day two of The Forum, film maker Phil Cooke gave a similar “rock my world” presentation. He also spoke of story and howyour story should be used to uniquely brant your message product or organization to provide distinction from the clutter that is modern media. He also pointed out the common pitfalls that a lot of people fall into that hinders the message of their brand.

The third and final speaker to completely blow my mind was Erwin McManus, revolutionary pastor and film maker from Mosaic Church in Los Angeles California. After hearing Duarte and Cooke present putting such emphasis on excellent visuals and design Erwin takes the stage and profoundly delivers a message on how great design has to be intentional and is essential to life. “Beauty and aesthetic and atmosphere were not supplemental to God, but essential to life” and “to be the image of Christ is to be uniquely who he created you to be” are just quotes from his entirely thought provoking segment.

All in all, these three voices were truly an inspiration to me as a graphic designer, a public relations student, a creative, a Christian, and a person as a whole. Their words have given me a new dose of energy for my profession and I am happy for the opportunity to share it with you.

– Daniel


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