Guests Blogger Liz Colburn: 6 Tips for Event Marketing

This post is really great commentary on event promotions from a really great friend and colleague. I have had the pleasure of working with Liz Colburn over the last year on the Student Body Leadership Council (SBLC) at Southeastern University. We both have served on SBLC as event marketing & promotions coordinators and have experienced the unique challenges that arise when trying to communicate event happening to the entire student body. We both have embraced the “try, fail, learn” strategy when developing our marketing campaigns.

I hope you enjoy the advice.


What is event planning?  Well, it is many things.  Event planning is everything from brainstorming for ideas, to going to shopping for supplies, to creating a budget and run sheet, and actually executing the event.  There are so many little details to planing events, but every detail is very important.

Lets say you went all out – you rented a huge arena, bought tons of food, and had awesome decorations and entertainment – but not very many people showed up.  Reason?  Poor marketing!

Marketing an event is one of the most important details of event planning.

Photo Credit: eHow

I have had experience as an event marketer so I definitely know the tips and tricks to a successful event.  Marketing is also way more than creating a flyer – it has multiple stages and processes.

So here are some tips for effective event marketing:

  1. Determine your audience – who do you want at the event?  Where can these people be reached easiest to advertise?
  2. Create multiple forms of marketing – A catchy graphic, a Facebook page, Twitter, a blog, and Purple Cow!  Also,  If it is a large event, contact the newspaper and radio stations and ask to do an ad
  3. Purple Cow – Purple Cow Marketing is something that gets people’s attention.  Something tangible or visually out of the box.
  4. Viral Marketing – place the graphic that was made everywhere – from the bathroom stalls, to windshield wipers – people have no choice but to notice!
  5. Follow Through – keep going back to the places you left flyers and replenish them, tweet about the event and post updates on the facebook page.
  6. Pictures – everyone loves pictures – so why not post pictures about the current process of the event?  Ex: The event is a fashion show – post pictures weeks and days ahead of time of people selecting wardrobe, sneak peaks of the models, and the building of the runway – this will get people excited.

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So find something that will really catch people’s attention – and make sure to follow through!

Read more of Liz’s blog at Randomly Ravishing

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