Constantly Changing, Yet Never Changing the Constant: Media & Church.

Every day it seems that our culture become more and more difficult to reach. In order to reach a culture that is so self consumed organizations, businesses, and individuals have turned to the media to communicate their messages. The every multimedia medium challenges us be more and more cutting edge, more and more creative, and in a lot of ways it has been the catalyst for a cultural renaissance of sorts.

The need to to be culturally engaging has become very apparent to modern church. There is a lot of discussion surrounding the methods we use to communicate the gospel in an environment where mere moments are all that is available to capture the attention of a culture that is constantly inundated with media messages.The following are several notable voices in Christian culture that are actively engaging this discussion.

C3 Global is an organization of churches and pastors that has is committed to engaging this tension with one goal in mind; to show people Christ. They champion call of creatively communicating the gospel in churches week in and week out.

Cameron Strang, editor of RELEVANT Magazine profoundly says that “Even if you think that church, christian culture, religion; all these things are irrelevant to  your life, that God is relevant. They are are pioneers in Christian culture and are effectively communicating this reality.

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CALALYST is an organization that directly targets church culture leaders and three times a year hosts a major conference to recharge and pour into the leaders of the church that are so often drained of all they have to offer. This experience is incredible. The CATALYST team truly utilizes mediums that capture all of the senses. Leaders leave inspired and full of fresh ideas. Each year they select a theme that that always seems to be exactly what the church body needs to hear.


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