Evernote – My New Best Friend

Evernote is incredible. I cannot think of a more useful cross platform productivity application. It tis he perfect assistant for a variety of taks including but not limited to managing class work, event planning, journalism, and photography.

At its very base, Evernote is a note taking application, but if you use it for any time at all it becomes obvious that you are working with much more powerful than your grandmothers steno pad. An Evernote document does more than just store your text notes. To that text note you can attach photos and website clippings, record voice notes, or even create a sketch. This means than all the information for any project at hand will truly be in one place. Just the vast array of uses for this application are testament to how useful and versatile it is.

Part of what makes Evernote so useful is that it is useable. On every platform, the developers of Evernote have provided a clean, straight forward and organized user interface. This makes curating, retrieving, and using your information incredibly simple.

Yes, there are other note taking applications that offer some similar features, but what I thing sets Evernote apart and above the rest is how accessible and cross platform this application is. Their are Evernote apps that are available for your Android, iPhone, and Blackberry smartphones, Android Tablets and iPad, as well as powerful desktop applications for both Mac and PC. Plus, if for some reason you don’t have one of your own pieces of technology at hand at the moment you can log on to your Evernote online and use their equally competent web app on any computer. Because the cloud is the hub of what make Evernote so use full their is not complicated syncing process. If you jot down a not and attach a picture on your smartphone, seconds after saving, your new note will be available on your tablet, laptop and of course online. So their is virtually no way to be without your notes as long as you have an internet connection.

The Evernote Tech Blog has posts on countless ways that Evernote can be used, I encourage you to give some of them a look.


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