The Instagram Effect

In October of 2010 an quirky and fun photo application named Instagram launched on Apple’s App Atore and quickly gained popularity. In fact, over the next two years the app gained over 27 million users on iPhone and Apple’s other iOS mobile devices. During this time, Google’s Android became the number one mobile smartphone platform in the world, but its users did not have have the pleasure in being a part of the vibrant social network that Instagram users had created. But Instagram made a lot of Android users very happy on Aril 3rd, 2012 when they launched their ever popular app on the Google Play App Store. In under a week Instagram had over 5 million downloads on Android devices making the application’s popularity uncontainable. Not even one week later, on Monday, April 9th, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom announced that that they were in the process of being acquired by Facebook. Facebook Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg made a similar blog post the same day.

In under two years Instagram went from being a small one-platform application to being incorporated with the largest and most popular social network experience in the world. I seriously doubt that is creators, Keven Systrom and Mike Kieger, ever were able to foresee the exponential expansion and transformation their invention would undergo. It is quite clear to me that when it comes to the technology industry the traditional collegiate perceptions of what standard business growth should be tend go up in smoke. Yes, the story of Instagram is an exceptional success, but there are many up and coming technology startups that are not too far behind them. It will be very interesting to see how this generation of uncommon business innovations will shape the global economy. Just a thought.

– Daniel.


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