10 Things to Remember When Blogging

I’m fairly new at this whole blogging thing too so I don’t know everything, but I hope these 10 things that I have learned are of some help. Enjoy.

1. Write about subjects you enjoy!

Nothing is more bring than reading material written my by someone who could care nothing about the subject matter of their work. By choosing topics that interest you, your post are way more likely to be interesting and fun to read. Passion in communication is vitally important to the audience whether it’s a professor in a lecture hall or a blogger who is just starting out.

2. Make your blog visually appealing.

As a graphic designer this may fall higher on my list than it would be for others. But seriously, the quality of your blog’s design is you 1st impression! No, I mean NO ONE, will be care that your writing is good if your blog looks like it hasn’t been updated since dial-up internet was the hot new thing to have. This is because no one will be on your site long enough to get the reading war. Your blog doesn’t have to be a work of art it just has to be remotely aesthetically pleasing. For starters stick to a complementary color scheme that uses no more that 3 main colors. Secondly, use images in every post. Pretent its elementary school; people are only gonna read the ones with the pictures.

3. Give credit where credit is due. 

You may be smart but it’s highly unlikely that you will be a Rhodes Scholar on every topic you blog about. So make sure you always link back to sources you quote and to main subject of each post.

4. Be personal.

It is rare that a stuffy sounding corporate memo is what you readers would like to be inundated with. Their is an appropriate tone that will very from blog to blog, and there are some that require a high level of professionalism but being professional does not mean sounding like a drone. Even if you work in a highly corporate environment, chances are, they hired you to be a more person voice that will make valuable connections.

5. Encourage Feedback .

Ask questions, leave some topics open ended and respond to comments. These practices make your readers feel more invited to interact with your ideas and ad their own.

6. Shake things up.  

Variation is the spice of life. Although your blog may have a specific topic, make sure you are not reposting the same thing in different words. Refer to fields and topics that are closely related to your own and interact with similar and differing points of view. This makes reading more interesting. Also, use different mediums of communication in your blog. Not every post should be two paragraphs and five bullet points. Uses videos, info graphics, and photo galleries to make your blog content more rich. Plus, using these elements will improve the aesthetic of your blog because the use of visuals will break up a page of monotonous text.

7. It’s not all about you.

Remember, PR is about relationships. be sure to highlight people about organizations that are not you own. This way, you build bridges that can prove to be very valuable later on. Also it breeds good will and positive perception of the organization you represent.

8. Lead with the good stuff.

People do not have a very long attention span, and I think we all realize how much the span continues to diminish once you get online. So make make it very clear what each post is about from the get go. Unless someone is desperate for certain information or they are just a MAJOR fan, they will not endure every blog post being a doctoral dissertation. So do not get long winded.

9. Know your audience.

Your readers should be a focal point when you are deciding what to say on your blog. Be engaging and appropriate. Remember that every reader is a potential relationship and maybe even customer.

10. Be Consistent.

Depending on your industry, make sure you are posting at the very least every 2 days. If your post are few and far between and your blog is not constantly updated your readers have no reason to check back it and therefore cease to be your “readers.” If communication is too inconsistant one day you will have something important to say and no one will be there to listen.


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