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1. On: Making the Most of Difficult Conversations  By: Jen Browning

“I also learned a lot from this News U course it was really informative as well as it tells you a lot about yourself. I learned that I am competitive as well as accommodating, and I have to learn when to be what!”

2. On: TOW 3 Let’s Talk Difficult Conversations By: Naida Lindburgh

Great post Naida,

I really like how you emphasized humility in process of having difficult conversation. I couldn’t agree more! If you come into the conversation with an attitude of superiority and condemnation you will only hurt the relationship. The purpose of having difficult conversations is to build people and help them become better. you can’t do this without humility.

3. On: Jack in the Box e.coli crisis: 1993 By: Jen Browning

This is definitely an example of bad PR. Making excuses is never a good strategy. On top of that, delaying making an appearance or a statement give people the impression that you do not care. The public want honest ownership of the problem with promises to make up for the wrongdoing.

4. On: PR in the 70’s By: Johnnie Kirkland

Ha, this sounds cool. the 70’s certainly was a time of big names that and an era where media was exploding. No, they did not have the technology of today, but it was a time when technology was really taking off.

5. On: Firm vs. Department. Who Will Win? By: Jessi Ellerbe

This is a really good comparison of these similar but different career fields. I think that to start of, the PR department would be a better option. I feel like you would have more room to grow and then once you have gained som experience you can the handle the independence of a PR firm.

6. On: PR Law by: Sarah Allen

I think that the legat side of many professions can easily get overlooked. It is not enough to go by what feels right and wrong you have to know exactly what the law says. I think privacy is something that eludes many professionals in this field. I think it definitely needs to be taken into greater consideration.

7. On: Measuring By: Corey West

I really like your last sentence, it really sums up what effective public relations looks like. I think fully comprehending your end goal is one of the first steps to making sure you are on the right path to get there.

8. On: Corporate Public Relations By: Paul Hamilton

First of all, you did a great job on your presentation! I think that corporate public relations is a field that needs really good professional communicators. Corporations are so plagued by the stigma of being greedy and indifferent to problems in the community. One would have to effectively employ the methods you mentioned in order to win over the public opinion.

9. On: Twitterful Twitter By: SeraVirginia

I think many people have the same initial reaction to Twitter. I sure did. I first of all joined because… well some friends were. But I didn’t feel like I could be as connected as I could be on Facebook. I think I may have tweeted once but then I just let it sit… unused for about 5 months. I finally became active when I stated seeing that it was everywhere. There were really old people on twitter and I thought that it would be sad that someone in their late 60’s was more technologically advanced than me!

10. On: PR is now the Seventh-most stressful job in America By: Ragan’s PR Daily

I think that PR has all of the components to be a very stressful profession. Can one of your next post be how to cope with this stress? As a PR student I would like to learn how before I get there, thanks.

11. On: What to do When You Fail By: RELEVANT Magazine

I think this is an article that I will bookmark and keep on hand for reference failure is inevitable but knowing how to deal with it and move on is invaluable both is personal and professional life.

12. On: 8 Ways not to procrastinate By: RELEVANT Magazine

Wow. I am convicted. Time management and consistency has always been my struggle. The best thing about this article is that it is broken down into very doable steps. All I have to do now it not procrastinate on implementing this plan. LOL

13. On: What Coca-Cola can teach your brand about social media By: Ragan’s PR Daily

I have always admired Coca-Cola’s communication practices. They are the ultimate example of a successful American brand. I think their superior communication strategies have a lot to do with that.

14. On: Loyalty By: Martketoonist

Wow that is a really great take on what true brand loyalty looks like. I thing every up and coming PR professional (that I soon hope to be) should strive to help their company and clients build brant loyalty “beyond reason”

15. On: The Art of Package Design By: Marketoonist

There are so many tensions that arise when creating package design. There’s the category, the brand history, the audience, and the direction the brand is heading, not to mention trying to stand out! there are just so many thing to consider.

16. On: Simple Thoughts About Fair Use By: Seth Godin

Being in college and hearing the constant threats about the significance of plagiarism, copyrights, creative commons, and so on can make you second guess yourself when interacting with any preexisting work. This is good cons is commentary on these sometimes daunting stipulations and what is and what is not allowed.

17. On: The Difference Between PR and Publicity By: Seth Godin

WOW. This is such a great post about what makes cheap publicity different from true public relations. Seth insisted that public relation is about helping to tell the story of your brand or entity while publicity is simply getting notice for free. But your PR will always determine how the media publicizes  your client. Strive to do good PR and let the publicity follow.

18. On: Why aren’t you (really) good at graphic design By: Seth Godin

In this post seth really challenges marketing and PR professionals to recognize the importance of design. He also challenges us to learn how to do some of it and gets rid of some of the excuses that has held many from trying. I totally agree! As a designer I would appreciate it if people had a greater knowledge of what good design is and why it matters.

19: On: Stephen Taylor’s Blog By: Stephen Taylor

Needless to say, Stephen Taylor is an amazing photographer and a huge name in the industry. But I want to take this chance to comment on his blog as a whole. Mr. Taylor is more a photographer, he is a story teller. Just like PR practitioners are to help brands tell their stories, Steven does this for the musicians he shoots. He remarkably helps them tell their stores in photos. His work really inspires me a future PR practitioner, designer, and ammeter photographer.

20. On: The 5 Types of People who post on brand pages By: Ragan’s PR Daily

This is really good advice on how to respond to those who have taken the time to interact with your brand via social media. So many times brand social media sadly stops at simply having account sett up and posting occasionally. By giving a profile of the most common times of users, social media managers can interact with them more effectively and grown their brand.


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