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1. PEER – On: Pin + Interest By: Melanie Shoults

Great Post! Pinterest has become such a great tool for brainstorming and collecting ideas. Right now I mostly use it for campus event planning as I am part of Southeaster’s Student Body Leadership Council. It is perfect for getting ideas for food, decor, activities, and more. I think I will use it more once more guys get on board. Let’s just be honest…. It’s kind of a girls thing… for now anyways!

2. PEER – On: Photographer to Watch – MadeuLook Photography By: Elizabeth Telg

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! Photographers are so inspiring because they tell the sort of their subjects through their eyes to the world. I think that we should try and emulate that storytelling with whatever talent and skills we have been so fortunately given. Thanks for this post Elizabeth I will be sure to remember MadeuLook Photography.

3. PEER – On: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words By: Liz Colburn

Haha it is so cool that you featured Dan Austin on your blog! He is one of my best friends and I am probably his biggest fan. He is crazy talented and has taught me just a little bit of what he knows about photography. He’s gonna go far – I know it!

4. PRO – On: Awwwards: The Best 365 CSS Websites 2011 By: Impressto

I need to get this ASAP! BTW – thanks for being such an awesome resource for developers and designers, you keep me inspired!

5. PRO – On: 10 Social Media Lessons from the New York Giants By: PRDaily

Wow. I know there is a lot of PR that goes into sports. But I don’t think I really grasped how detailed it is. This is impressive, & I bet these steps are applicable far beyond the world of sports.

6. PRO – On: Reaching the World from Your Desk By: RELEVANT Magazine

RELEVANT, thank you for always being so practical. I am a junior in college pursuing my degree in public relations hoping to work for a publication *like this one*. But sometimes, I wonder if my impact will tech those that are truly in need. Thanks or giving me some basic ways to help people.

7. PEER – On: Not Your Typical Girl Next Door By: Liz Colburn

This is incredible! I’m so proud of Brianna and her family. This story was especially inspring to because I have a little sister named Christena who has special needs and has been in and out of the hospital her whole life and benefits from organizations like Nathaniel’s Hope.

8. PRO – On: Social Media News Release Assignment By: Barbara Nixon

I really appreciated this assignment! I think social media news releases are very useful and really enjoyed using PitchEngine. It was very easy and put everything together in a easily shareable and accessible package. What I like most what how many types of multimedia it allows you to link to your news release. The key words and tags are prove useful as well! Thanks for teaching a great class this semester, I learned a lot!

9. PRO – On: Perfecting the To-Do List By: NYC PR Girls

Really enjoyed this post! I am a PR student at Southeastern University in Lakeland FL. I always find that both inside and outside of our PR classes, guys generally have a harder time staying organized that the ladies. My friend Liz Colburn (, a fellow PR student and HUGE fans of your blog seem to always have it organized to the t! Thanks for the tips – I’ll be sure to visit often!


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