Blog Scraping. Just Don’t.

Everyone loves to be quoted, referenced, and commented on, but no one liked being plagiarized, copied, or overlooked. Blog scraping definitely falls into the un-liked category.

Blog scraping is when one online publication completely or partially copies any certain article or work and the posts it on their own blog. Similarly to academic plagiarism, blog scraping is completely unethical and highly offensive. To use someone else’s words or ideas as your own, neglecting to give them proper credit, is wrong and illegal.

If there was a situation in which a post from my clients blog had been scraped or lifted I think I know what methods I would take to resolve the situation.

I would immediately contact the blogger or the company they represent and inform them that they are using original content and have neglected to source their information and supply the proper credit. I would politely, but firmly, ask them to provide the proper credit or remove the post from their blog immediately. After giving the sufficient time to complete this, if they would still refuse I would contact my companies legal department or a lawyer we would use on retainer. From here, this could end in several ways. One of which being that a lawsuit may be filled and damages paid. But sometimes all it takes is to threaten legal action to get people to comply with your commands. Or, the case might go to court and to avoid the costs of a trial the opposing council might advise the defendants to settle out of court.

I of course hope that is would not come to taking such action but I believe that protection the intellectual property of any entity is important to their success.


AP Style, or is it Ap style, or maybe AP STYLE idk.

I think that is any public relations or journalism major can get a firm grasp of this they have accomplish a significant milestone. Until I get there the AP Style book will be a my side when writing.

I honestly did not realize how many rules the were to consider. I also was surprised by how much AP Style differs from some the traditional grammar rules that engraved in your brain by you elementary school english teachers. You almost have to “unlearn” those rules in order to embrace the new ones.

But after a couple hours of frustration trying to wrap my head around the concept I have really come to appreciate it purpose. The chief function of  AP Style is to make reading newspapers, press releases, magazines, and other publications as efficient and direct as possible. It also allows the reader to glean the most pertinent informations ate quickly as possible.

Most of the rules of AP Style have been brought about through the process of printing traditional newspapers. Because of ever rising printing cost and such a vast away of publications be produced their came a need for some uniformity and continuity that also made printing as cost effective as possible.

AP Style is also designed to protect brand names, uniform the formatting of dates, times, military and political titles and even religious positions.

Although I have come to appreciate it, one of the most daunting aspects of AP Style to me is the use of abbreviations and punctuation as they relate to addresses, dates, and time. I think this because they are so commonly use

Blog Comments COMM 4333

1. PEER – On: Pin + Interest By: Melanie Shoults

Great Post! Pinterest has become such a great tool for brainstorming and collecting ideas. Right now I mostly use it for campus event planning as I am part of Southeaster’s Student Body Leadership Council. It is perfect for getting ideas for food, decor, activities, and more. I think I will use it more once more guys get on board. Let’s just be honest…. It’s kind of a girls thing… for now anyways!

2. PEER – On: Photographer to Watch – MadeuLook Photography By: Elizabeth Telg

I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! Photographers are so inspiring because they tell the sort of their subjects through their eyes to the world. I think that we should try and emulate that storytelling with whatever talent and skills we have been so fortunately given. Thanks for this post Elizabeth I will be sure to remember MadeuLook Photography.

3. PEER – On: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words By: Liz Colburn

Haha it is so cool that you featured Dan Austin on your blog! He is one of my best friends and I am probably his biggest fan. He is crazy talented and has taught me just a little bit of what he knows about photography. He’s gonna go far – I know it!

4. PRO – On: Awwwards: The Best 365 CSS Websites 2011 By: Impressto

I need to get this ASAP! BTW – thanks for being such an awesome resource for developers and designers, you keep me inspired!

5. PRO – On: 10 Social Media Lessons from the New York Giants By: PRDaily

Wow. I know there is a lot of PR that goes into sports. But I don’t think I really grasped how detailed it is. This is impressive, & I bet these steps are applicable far beyond the world of sports.

6. PRO – On: Reaching the World from Your Desk By: RELEVANT Magazine

RELEVANT, thank you for always being so practical. I am a junior in college pursuing my degree in public relations hoping to work for a publication *like this one*. But sometimes, I wonder if my impact will tech those that are truly in need. Thanks or giving me some basic ways to help people.

7. PEER – On: Not Your Typical Girl Next Door By: Liz Colburn

This is incredible! I’m so proud of Brianna and her family. This story was especially inspring to because I have a little sister named Christena who has special needs and has been in and out of the hospital her whole life and benefits from organizations like Nathaniel’s Hope.

8. PRO – On: Social Media News Release Assignment By: Barbara Nixon

I really appreciated this assignment! I think social media news releases are very useful and really enjoyed using PitchEngine. It was very easy and put everything together in a easily shareable and accessible package. What I like most what how many types of multimedia it allows you to link to your news release. The key words and tags are prove useful as well! Thanks for teaching a great class this semester, I learned a lot!

9. PRO – On: Perfecting the To-Do List By: NYC PR Girls

Really enjoyed this post! I am a PR student at Southeastern University in Lakeland FL. I always find that both inside and outside of our PR classes, guys generally have a harder time staying organized that the ladies. My friend Liz Colburn (, a fellow PR student and HUGE fans of your blog seem to always have it organized to the t! Thanks for the tips – I’ll be sure to visit often!

The Other Reason We Watch the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is is a giant advertising-palooza! Over 1.48 billion advertising dollars were spent of the Superbowl this year. One thing that has made them increasingly popular is that they have been collected on sites all over the internet. Sites like BrandBowl, YouTube, and my personal favorite Hulu, have made these ads and event of their own. They have taken it from just a Super Bowl Sunday experience to a completely social community.

Here is one of my favorites and check out for more!

SEU Public Relations Alumni Making a Big Impact in Little Haiti.

Every SEU student, just like any other student for that matter, dreams of doing significant work with their degree. Southeastern University almnus, and PR graduate, Hope Dodson, is doing this to the utmost. After her internship at her home church, Free Life Chapel, Hope made the brave step to move to Haiti to work in an orphanage called Danita’s Children. The impact that she is making there is truly profound. The following is a post from her blog that really touched me. I feel that she is fulfilling the great commission and using her education to do so.

Music = Ear Candy for the Blind.

Can you imagine being blind? How about being blind in Haiti? How about being blind, having three children – two of them who are blind, and depending on your four year-old daughter to lead anywhere you need to go? Yep. True story. Now tell me how hard your life was today?

Two of the kids came into school on the first day, one is bind and the other is four and the dependent of the family. She has never just been a kid a day in her life, always making stuff happen and keeping her family out of harms way. That first day her mom, Julie, who is blind also, was late coming to pick them up, and little four year-old, 3 feet tall, Nouvley said behind her (in Creole) as she is running toward the property gate, without a drop of fear in her voice, “Mom’s not coming, Juvensky, you sit here and I’ll go call a taxi.”

About 45 seconds later to be seen walking back with her face in her hands and our security guard leading her toward us. It was her first day of Kindergarten so she couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to just make stuff happen like she days every other day. Structure is a foreign concept in Haiti. My kind of girl though – find problems and fix them – no questions asked. One of our missionaries said that whenever she took the two children to the road to get a taxi (motorcycle) and take them home that she marched right up to the street and yelled for a taxi to “come and stop right here!” Then she proceeded to to tell the driver that her brother needed to sit in the middle because he can’t see and then she would sit behind him because she is little and Mami Heather would sit in back to keep them safe.

Watching Juvensky makes me smile. His spirit is so sensitive. To watch his heightened senses, when he sees a shadow, hears the slightest sound, or begins to inch his way on his hands and knees to cautiously approach a toy that has rolled away, in case of harm close by. I told him my name one time and anytime he heard me after that he would find my voice and say, “Mami Hope”. I wonder what I look like in his mind. Am I Haitian? Do he even know what Haitian looks like?

One day I watched him feel around everything that he came into contact with to reveals it’s identity – the storybook with plastic lady bugs on it, when he felt my wrists and looked alarmed at what could possibly be surrounding them (bracelets) and when he found a large pilates ball that he could push in front of him to ensure his navigation. I pulled out my phone and turned on my favorite playlist. It was as if the entire world stopped around him. He recognized music immediately due to his heightened senses. He didn’t know the words or the tune, but he had connected with something. It was touch and go for a minute because he sees with his hands and that isn’t exactly good for a touch screen phone :)– it was going on and off and every which way. I smiled watching him light up and was reminded of not only what people don’t have in Haiti, but how people who already have a disability make due in a world with no resources. I don’t know if he has ever even been able to hold a speaker up to his ear before.

Today I pulled out the big guns. My laptop. I turned on Kari Jobe. Her album cover is so bright and on the laptop he can put his eyes real close to the screen and see the bright shadows and listen to her voice. His smile is priceless, as if I made the world was alright for him again by providing something as simple as music.

Kari, if for some reason you ever read this please know that your music is changing lives. Literally. I let Jvensky’s mom (who is also blind) listen to your album via my cell phone and she was just overjoyed to have worship in her heart. Thank You – your album is amazing.

Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus || Spoken Word

This awesome video has had over 13,000,000 hits in just seven days. It’s seriously the most truth I think I’ve ever heard from a youtube video.

Besides the message of course, I really appreciate that it was well made. I am a freelance “filmmaker”, and I got started in church. It made me happy that to see that this was produced with quality and excellence that makes it relevant to people that would not normally watch it. It breaks the stereotype that church media is Word Art in Microsoft Publisher 1998 at it’s best. I really have an interest in proportions as it relates to churches and Christian organizations.

Well enough of me – CHECK THIS OUT!

Comments. The Cold Hard Truth.

Let’s all be honest, the whole point of using the internet, besides Googleing, is to have interaction. Whether it’s followers, likes, friends, or having full circles we want to be engaged over online. Hopefully this is not replacing real life interaction, but that doesn’t make it any less true.

When it comes to blogs comments are proof that you are not rambling on to a vast dark audience of zeros and ones. Comments let you know that people care. Not just care, but care enough to respond with their personal Ideas about what you have shared. A blog without comments is like a president without a country, a singer without and audience, or a professor without students.

Comments can range from kind and heartwarming to deep and thought provoking or even rude and hurtful. But either way… YOU GOT NOTICED! Lets try and stay away from the rude and hurtful contributions though.

Comments provide the valuable opportunity to have an exchange of ideas. These exchanges can lead to meaningful conversation that can effect thought. But nothing happens if you don’t speak up.

Also, It is good internet etiquette to respond to those who found you interesting enough to interact with. If someone comments on one of your posts, it is always appreciated to leave a reply comment or even interact with the on their blog pages.

So do some good and comment!

Remember to pay it forward, and make the internet a better place.

And I’m an Internet Socialite

Being the techy and internet junkie that I am, I naturally gravitate to social media and all it has to offer. I also would definitely consider myself and early adopter. But I would also consider myself a moderate to avid user. It’s actually kind of funny; I often find out about new social media outlets from the ones I am already using and apart of… and the cycle repeats.

There are several social media services that I am apart of and find useful. My favorite at the moment has to be Twitter. I don’t suppose this is a shock to anyone considering that Twitter is one of the fastest growing internet services available. Even though I love it there are certain highlights and low points that I must bring to your attention. I think Twitter is absolutely invaluable for promotions of groups, products and services. Any modern business that has any hopes of expanding it’s brand loyalty, or creating a vibrant online community MUST use Twitter. I honestly can’t think of any other online service, even the ones that cost thousands of dollars a year, that can match the effectiveness of Twitter. What I don’t Like is when people use it as their personal micro diaries and document every waking action and thought. I think most of you can agree.

Being that I find Twitter to be such a great networking tool, that what I use it most for. Sure I do post personal anecdotes, photos, and happening, but not nearly as much as I retweet and interact with organizations, businesses and causes. Most of my personal social networking happens on good ole Facebook. Facebook is definitely where I go when it comes to catching up with old friends, arranging parties and get-togethers, and posting photos. In a way Facebook seems more intimate. Weird, I know.

And then there’s MySpace….That was funny let’s move on.

As for Google+… I have one, but I have to be honest I have not done much with it, but I have a feeling that might change soon at the rate it is growing. I do like how integrated it is into the rest of the web and makes the entire internet feel a little more social.

There are other I dabble in like Pintrest, Tumblr, Foursquare (which I think is another great promotion tool), StumbleUpon, Youtube (which goes without saying), and more!

But enough about me, which social network services to you like to “waste” time on?

Your input is welcome in the comment section below.

Corporate Public Relations – Marketing Communications, Environmental Relations, & Corporate Philanthropy

The world of corporate communication is perhaps Public Relations’ biggest stage.

In corporate PR, there are many different ways fo communication, but all of the mediums buts have a unified message, this is called Integrated Marketing Communications. All of these efforts are about gaining publicity.

One of the biggest issues with corporate PR today is corporate social responsibility. Most people believe that corporations should be responsible both socially and environmentally. People are mor likely to support a socially and environmentally responsible company

Corporate sponsorships are one of the most prominent ways corporate PR is practiced. Almost any product or event can have a corporate sponsorship. This is a big way of generating publicity.

Check out my presentation for details and examples!

Noah’s Ark – Making a Difference… Differently

Noah’s Ark. An organization “committed to empowering individuals who have developmental disabilities by advocating on their behalf and by providing or facilitating choices of meaningful employment, recreational and social opportunities and affordable housing in an inclusive community of their choice.” This mission, and a personal dream of its founder, Jack Kosik are at the core of this organization. Jack and his family have been blessed with a beautiful, thriving daughter who happens to have special needs. As they came to know this, they begin to realize that the options available for their baby girl as she would enter adulthood were almost frightening. As Jack and his wife began to search for alternatives it was quickly apparent that there were no options in the central Florida area that provided the kind of holistic care that they desired for their daughter. At this point Jack and his wife were experiencing the horrible reality that they were actually afraid to die because of what their child would most likely have to endure in their absence. Out of this desperation, Noah Ark was born. Noah’s Ark is a beautiful community in which special needs individuals have holistic supportive care that empowers and encourages the independence and success of each person to best of their ability. Noah’s Ark is warm and homey. It does not feel like hospital or mental institution. It’s residents are happy, helpful and friendly.

On our class tour of the facility I think we were all pleasantly surprised by the just how high the standard of living was. Each room was clean and organized. The residents were friendly and welcoming. Noah’s Nest is nothing short of what you would expect from a wonderful home. On the property, tucked away in a nearby residential neighborhood, lies four beautiful buildings, a basketball court, and a gazebo. The residents take pride in their beautiful surroundings.

“All of the homes at Noah’s Nest have four bedrooms and four bathrooms so
that each of our residents have their own private bathroom.  Three residents
live in each home and the “extra” bedroom may be used as a multi-purpose
room, or for guest to spend the night, or for a caregiver should one of our
residents require overnight support staff.
Each home is designed to be handicapped-friendly with an array of features
including roll-in showers that make day-to-day living a bit easier for individuals
who may need to use a wheelchair to assist with mobility.”

As great as Noah’s Ark is, it is only the beginning of an incredible vision that Jack Kosik has for an inclusive, gated community that will include families as well as residents with disabilities called Noah’s Landing. He describes it as being like the nostalgic amiable community of Mayberry portrayed in The Andy Griffith Show. Many strides have been taken to make that dream a reality, but until then, Noah’s Ark continues to serve its residents exceptionally.

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